The Kalahari Desert Wildlife Calender

The Kalahari Desert Wildlife Calender

 December to March

This is probably the best time to visit although can be very hot,

Most animals give birth over this time and so lots of youngsters around. Migrant birds are plentiful and those migrant breeders would be nesting. The Rains transform the desert, lush grass, shallow pans and incredible clouds and skylines.

This is the desert at its most beautiful, herds of springbok and gemsbok feeding on the plains.Pans Aug 05 027

April to July

The young would start to look after themselves and become more independent of their parents, migrant birds would have started heading north. Grass will still be green although most of it would have seeded and fallen. It is still very beautiful but perhaps the colours not as vibrant as that of the new grass.

Little chance of rain and temperatures on the cool side, with morning frosts in the latter part especially at night and early mornings.



August to November

It is very dry and can be pretty windy and dusty. The landscape is looking arid and parched.

This is perhaps not the most beautiful time of year but game easy to see and waterholes literally pumping with animals waiting to drink.

Night stars are incredible and there is no better place to lie on ones back and see stars from one horizon to the next.Pans Aug 05 004